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                           Who's Lola

“It all started with the desire to make a perfect pair of jeans for women of all shapes and sizes. You know, the ones you dream about but can never find. And so, I set out to make them myself — jeans that fit in all the right places, jeans that flatter your body so you look and feel confident. In 2004, I set up shop in a small apartment on top of my dad’s jeans store in Montreal. In 2006, my brother Sam and I joined forces and Lola Jeans was born.” David


Growing up in the family business, not one day would go by without talking jeans at the dinner table. Seeing how I hated school, my dad took matters into his own hands before things got out of control. He asked I drop out of school. Till that day, I am grateful for this bold decision my dad took. I was barely 16 but I was hungry to work and learn the trade. Reluctant at first, I worked closely by my dad’s side at his jeans store, and before long, I fell in love with the fashion industry. I decided to pursue my studies in fashion marketing at LaSalle College. At last, I found my passion.


Fresh out of school and with barely any manufacturing know-how, my brother and I started designing and producing women’s jeans. We didn’t know exactly what the fits would be, but we had a good idea of what we hoped to create, a perfect pair of jeans for women of all shapes and sizes. There simply wasn’t a jean that was perfectly fitting and equally flattering. Even having developed a keen eye for a great fitting jean, the task ahead would be easier said than done. The first jean would have to be a real jean for real people. Not for trends. Not to suit an image or lifestyle. Certainly, not to replicate existing formulas within the industry.

“Most jean styles are born out of a fashion trend or modern innovation. Our signature Pull On Jean was born as a reaction to what wasn’t being offered. The design behind the Pull On Jean is intended to encourage the acceptance and celebration of a woman’s body, as it is. This fit became the basis of who we are today, setting the standards by which our customers have come to expect from us.”


We believe that all women are beautiful and inspiring, no matter her shape or size. Lola Jeans embodies these beliefs and strives to empower women through fashion.


Embrace Your Curves, Beauty is Not Defined by The Size of Your Jeans.


LOLA Mid Rise Classic Straight Jean
Kristine Mid Rise Straight Jeans in Black

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