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Open Back High Front Bootie by Madeline - Tan

Open Back High Front Bootie by Madeline - Tan

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Hello Babe! What's totally backless, loves to rock and extrudes bad-girl biker vibes on the daily? You, or at least that's what we're guessing. And hey, so is the Wisteria. An open back, high-front bootie, Wisteria makes no claim to fame, others do that for her.

physical description

By MADELiNE: A fearless collection of couture footwear that boldly bridges the gap between high-style and affordability. Intriguingly impulsive and unabashedly uninhibited, MADELiNE confidently delivers up-to-the-minute design at an attainable price.

Additional Information


Heel Height: (Inches)2.76

Ornament: METAL



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